Introduction: Magnetic Key Holder Key Hanger

Its Corona lock down time and everybody has spare time apart from work from home. I have some neodymium magnet pieces, MDF and acrylic boards were lay around and decided to make Magnetic Key Holder. I have painted one side of acrylic piece with black spray paint.


  • neodymium magnet - 3 pieces
  • MDF board cut into any irregular shape
  • acrylic board also in irregular shape
  • black or any spray paint
  • some screws and tools for wood working
  • 3 LEDs (of any color)
  • 3 220 ohms resistance
  • an old mobile charging usb cable having mobile connector end sliced

Step 1: Cleaning and Preparing Sheets

  1. Clean the surface of MDB board by sanding it with sand paper and cut a channel in it to fix the acrylic sheet.
  2. Paste three magnets to bottom of acrylic sheet.

Step 2: Join Acrylic Sheet With MDF

  1. Make two small hole in acrylic sheet towards the edge which will be inserted into MDB board
  2. Also make three holes of 0.5mm in the channel so that LEDs can be inserted from back of MDF board
  3. Apply some wood glue in channel of MDB board and insert the acrylic sheet inside the channel
  4. Tighten two small screws from back of MDB board into acrylic sheet

Step 3: Decorate

You can decorate the Key holder with any material e.g. buttons, screws, wood pieces, paper flowers. I have picked up few balsa wood triangles and circles laying around and attached them on MDF board.

Step 4: Attaching LEDs

  1. Insert three LEDs from back of MDF such that all -ve legs of them pointing toward bottom
  2. Solder a wire connecting all bottom legs
  3. Attach 220ohms resistance to +ve legs of LED
  4. Solder another wire connectng all top legs of LEDs
  5. Connect Red wire of USB cable to +ve side common wire of LED and Black to -ve

Step 5: Protect Wiring

  1. Cover the LEDs and open wires with a paper tape or any insulating tape you have
  2. Fix loose USB cable to MDB board with a stapler or glue it with glue gun
  3. Attach a few spacers at the back of MDF board so that when the Key Holder is wall mounted, the LED wiring can be protected. I have used few1cmx2cm 0.5mm acrylic pieces

Step 6: ...and Its Done

Finally its done. Mount the Key Holder on a wall using double sided tape or screw it. Keep a small decorative item on the acrylic board. Connect the USB connector to mobile charger or power bank. Stick some keys on magnetic key holder. The keys looks very nice as the are just levitating without any support or hook. Enjoy.