Magnetic Kite Hack

Introduction: Magnetic Kite Hack

Don't you just hate when you're flying a kite on a windy day, and you let out a little too much string... Next thing you know, your kite is now suspended, out of reach up in a tree! I have a simple trick to solving this problem, attaching small light-weight magnets to the kite before take-off. Now when my kite is stuck in a tree I just take a magnet and my kite will come down with a little bit of help.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

This simple store-bought kite hack should be easy with a few simple materials. You will need a kite,magnetic tape, scissors, and a slightly more powerful magnet.

NOTE: When dealing with magnets, be sure to keep all electronical devices, credit cards, hotel room keys, etc... away from these magnets. They have a nasty reputation for wreaking havoc on these things. This is why my more powerful magnet was photographed outside; I didn't even want to bring it in because I was worried for my electronical items.

Step 2: Cutting Your Magnet

The title says it all, just cut the magnetic tape into small squares. Make sure you don't cut too many because it will weigh down the kite too much and affect its performance.

Step 3: Attaching Your Magnets

Again, the title says it all. Peel off the plastic backing and attach the magnets, just be sure that you spread out the weight otherwise  your kite won't fly very well.

Step 4: Further Development

That's it for the kite... Here are a few points to consider.
 1. The kite is heavier. As a general rule of safety, don't fly in crowded areas.
 2. If the kite were to get stuck in a tree at an extended height, you will need a way to get the magnet up there. I am currently working on a contraption made out of PVC pipe that can be made to different lengths. If you want notified when I publish this instructable, follow me. Also, any input for my device would be welcome and appreciated.
 3. If you plan on using this kite over and over, I could suggest that you take a small bit of fabric and sew a small pocket over it to insure that the magnet doesn't come off the kite since it's only attached by adhesive.

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