Introduction: Magnetic Leather Wallet With Dragon

This is a nice wallet (depending on the magnets) that is simple to make, but some what time consuming, as there is glue involved.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools

Before we can begin, you will need to get, or gather, materials.


1. Fairly stiff tooling (vegetable tanned) leather. Enough to cut two pieces bigger than a gift card.

2. Two magnets about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

3. Some kind of strong thin cord.

4. An empty metal tin of some sort.

5. Leather dye (optional)

6. Carbon paper and SIMPLE dragon head (optional)


1. X-acto knife or razor blade

2. Sharp knife

3. Sharp scissors

4. Tacky Glue

5. Metal ruler

6. Needle

7. Nail and hammer(to punch holes in leather)

Step 2: Mark Out Pieces

Mark two pieces out, on the fuzzy side, slightly larger than your card (shown above). Mark another two pieces smaller than the first two, for the flap.


Mark on the INSIDE of the leather.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut along marks with razor knife. Then trim a slight curve in top piece, like shown in pic 3.

Step 4: Dragon

Use Carbon paper to trace dragon onto outer piece. Then use knife to cut where you traced, but don't cut all the way through, just enough to be able to rub dye in. Dip needle in dye and lightly insert in cut.

Step 5: Dye

Take a rag or paint brush, dip it in the dye and rub or bush over entire piece of leather, repeat with all pieces of wallet. Let dry completely.

Step 6: Almost There

Now punch holes around the edge of tree sides of the two big piece, and along the top of one of the smaller pieces. Make sure the holes line up. Then use the needle and cord to sew the three pieces together.

Step 7: Last One

Now we have to glue one of the magnet to the flap. And after we do that glue the other strip of leather to the magnet. Then cut a sheet of metal small enough to fit in the pocket and glue it in. Take the other magnet and glue it where you want it. Then you are almost done. The underside of the flap might stick out past the top flap, so you might have to cut it even. then you are done!

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