Introduction: Magnetic Poster Stand

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Need to display a 12x16 poster or enlarged photo? Enjoy magnets? Then this is the project for you!

Step 1: Cut Material

Cut your material out per the included DXFs. Shown here are drawings for MDF and Plywood.

Note that I used a CNC router, but it could certainly be made with a table saw or other hand implements.

Step 2: Add Magnets

Included in the DXF are recessions for disk magnets. Cut these to shape, then insert glue and secure them with a mallet if necessary. If you get the clearances right, you shouldn't even need the glue.

Step 3: Attach Legs

Push legs in as shown. It should be a slight interference fit if made properly, but glue if needed.

Step 4: Attach Picture

Place your poster or image on the board, then secure it with magnets. It's now ready for all the world to see!

Step 5: Optinal: Hang on Wall

After the show/display is over, you can even hang these on the wall. Just drill a hole into the bottom, then attach to the walls via screws.

It helps if you have a shelf on top of the images on which to place your feet, shown in the video and in this Instructables writeup.

Step 6: Enjoy!

You can see my posters on display at the Orlando Maker Faire, on the wall, and on my bench in back of one of my walkers (shown in action in the embedded video)