Introduction: Mahane Yehuda Pomegrante Juice

Today you're going to learn how to open a market stand that sells pomegranates juice.

1 cup of pomegranates juice contains:

- Vitamin C (30% of the RDI)

- Vitamin K (36% of the RDI)

- Folate (16% of the RDI)

- Potassium (12% of the RDI)

- Protein & Antioxidants

It helps lower blood pressure, fight diseases & get better erection.
(For extra knowledge regarding pomegranates health benefits)

The juice you're going to make is 100% natural & fresh, and this guide will take you step-by-step from harvesting to selling. Good luck!

*RDI- recommended daily intake


- Pomegranates

- Professional juicer

- Wooden cups (for mother nature)

- Cutting board & respected knife

- A table & 2 chairs

Step 1: Getting Ready

Go to the closest pomegranates orchard near your home & pick 100-600 pomegranates.

- Use a ladder to get the ones in the top of the tree, they are the best ones

- Pick both sour & sweet pomegranates, different people prefer different tastes (my favorite is the combination of both)

Take your equipment and go to the market

Step 2: Build the Stand

You arrived to the market, now it's time to build your stand:

- Choose a crowded spot and set the table there

- Put the juicer on the middle of the table

- Put the cutting board next to it

- Keep the pomegranates behind the table

For extra magic:

- Slice one of the pomegranates to half

- Slice every half gently, three vertical cuts along the shell

- Gently pull to opening

- Put the beautiful slice on the board

It's time to sell

Step 3: Sell Refreshing Pomegrenate Juice

This step is usually done by two or more people, each has a unique role:

The Shouter

- Shout loudly to the passerbies "Fresh Pomegrenate Juice, only 5 shekels!"

- Send them to the maker

The Maker

- Cut the pomegrante's edeges

- Slice the pomegranate to half

- Squeeze the half to a wooden cup

- Serve the happinnes to the passerby and watch him smiling

The Third (recommended)

- Sit in the stand and eat Pitsuhim

Step 4: Out & Count

Once the pomegranates are over, fold the stand & count the money

- The number of pomegranates you sold

- The interval of time it took to sell the merchandise

- The price you sold for

- The money you made

Compare the results to past performance & improve

Step 5: Mazal Tov

Congrats, you've opened your first basta in the market