Introduction: Maid Dress Tutorial (For Men or Women)

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If you’ve come here to learn to make a maid dress for either gender then you’re in the right place! If you’d like to hear the story behind it read below. Otherwise go straight to the supply list to get into it!

It was that time of year again when the weather cools off and geeks like us flock to the Renaissance Fair. My brother decided this year he wanted to be a Maid Knight. Funny right? He looked high and low for a maid dress that would fit him. Even the ones designed for men were too small. (He is very tall and has very broad shoulders). Needless to say he came to me. And here we are.


A plain t-shirt the color you want your dress (we went with the traditional black)
Approximately 3 yards of cotton fabric the same color as your shirt
1/2 a yard white fabric
A spool of lace
White thread
1inch thick elastic

Various sewing tools

Step 1: Waistband

Start measuring tightly around your waist for the elastic waist band. Elastic stretches so we want it to be tight enough to stay up. Measure and cut the elastic.

Overlap the ends about an inch. (make sure there are no twists in the elastic). Now sew ends the together either on machine or by hand. 2 rows of stitching about 1/2in apart on the overlap.

Go over it several times as this will have a lot of stress on it when you wear it.

Step 2: Skirt

(Side-note: Make sure you always wash all your fabric before sewing)

Take your black fabric for the skirt and cut it in half lengthwise. Sew the 2 short sides together on the ends so you have a tube.

Cut the bottom of the tubewith zig zag scissors to prevent fraying.

On the other side (the top) you’re going to sew a line of stitching all the way around. Either by hand or by machine. If by machine make sure you don’t back stitch to knot it and use a basting stitch (not required but you can do 2 rows about 1/3in apart incase one breaks.

Now pull on your thread at one end of stitching and your see it gather. Continue gathering and pushing the gathers further down the tube as you go.

Continue to gather until the tube is the same size as the elastic waist band. Now pin the waist band to the tube (skirt) and sew around it attaching the 2. Do one line of stitching with a straight stitch and a second one over it with the zig zag stitch.

Step 3: Apron

For your apron you’re gonna decide about how big you want it. And draw a U shape on either some medical table paper to create a pattern or directly on the fabric with chalk.

I made mine 2 layers thick so it looks a little nicer but if you rather do one that works too.

To cut out 2 layers fold your fabric and half and lay the top of your U on the fold of the fabric. Pin it down and cut it out.

(Set the excess fabric aside)

Now you’re going to sew the U together with the fabric lined up with the edge of the presser foot on your sewing machine.

Cut a small slit at the top of the U and turn it inside out. (Pressing the seams flat with an iron is a nice touch and makes it look more professional.)

Step 4: Apron Pt2

Take your lace and pin it around the U curve of your apron. Sew it in place.

Remember your measurement from the elastic band? Take that measurement and add 35 inches that’s your apron tie length.

Grab the white fabric we set aside and cut a stripe of fabric 6-7 inches wide and (the length we just figured out) long

(Set the rest aside again)

Fold your strip in half, pin and sew it together. Turn it right side out. Press it flat. Lay it over the top of your aprons U with a 1/2in over lap and sew them together.

Cut the ends of the apron tie with your zigzag scissors to prevent fraying

Step 5: The Front

Grab the last of your white fabric and cut out a strip of fabric that goes almost all the way down the shirt and is approximately 7 inches wide.

Lay it down flat over the front of the shirt pin and stitch it to the front of the shirt.

Pin down lace to both sides of the stripe and sew it down. As shown in picture

With your zigzag scissors cut the excess that overlaps over the neckline in a curve to neaten it up (example in photos)

Step 6: Heart Cutout (Optional)

I added a heart cutout to the front of the top. This is of course optional.

Draw out your heart where you want it positioned and sew a line of stitching just outside your drawing.

Cut out the drawing through both layers of fabric. Be careful not to cut the back of the shirt or your stitching

Step 7: Sleeve Alteration (Optional)

My brother who I was making this for wanted the sleeves to look different so if you like how they look this is how you make them or you can keep them how they are.

First cut down the seam on the sleeve and cut around cutting it off.

Sew up the side you cut off with a large basting stitch and gather it to desired amount.

Pin to the top of the should around the arm while with right sides together (example in pictures) and sew them together.

Step 8: All Done!

You now have a maid dress fit for a Queen. Or King? depending haha.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions comment them below and please vote for me in the sewing challenge.


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