Makarov Handgun Leather Holster With Sheridan Tooling

Introduction: Makarov Handgun Leather Holster With Sheridan Tooling

Hi, folks!. My name is Roman and now i am gonna show you how to make a
Makarov handgun leather holster. You can buy this pattern here

To make it I need these goods and tools:

  • A4 piece of 9-10 oz veg tan leather.
  • Wing divider.
  • An Awl.
  • Utility knife.
  • Woodcarving round chisel.
  • №5 overstitch wheel
  • 1mil and 6mil round punches.
  • Paring knife or skiver.
  • A piece of plastic 4mil*38mil*100mil size(or a leather strap with same size).
  • Some clamps.
  • Molding tools(such as bone creaser, sticks with balls, modelers etc. )
  • A pencil or a pen.
  • Dremel tool with sandpaper drum.
  • Adjustable U-gouge.
  • #2 edge beveler.
  • A mallet or maul.
  • A glove snap and setter for it.
  • Some leather dye(your preferred color).
  • Some kenda orly edge dye.
  • Neatsfoot oil.
  • Some pieces of sandpaper(different grits).
  • Multi-size wood slicker.
  • A thread and two needles.
  • Thread cutter.
  • Leather stamps and swivel knife.
  • A gun or a bluegun.
  • And, of course, a will to make an awesome holster!

Step 1: Start

And now let’s start to make it. First of all put your holster pattern onto a piece of leather and trace it with pen, pencil or awl.

Step 2:

Then cut it with utility knife. You may use a woodcarving round chisel to cut rounded corners.

Step 3:

Now we are ready to make some Sheridan style carving on a reinforcement piece. Damp it with wet sponge and transfer a pattern onto it. Then cut with swivel knife and make tooling with your stamps.

Step 4:

I put my logo on a belt loop with arbor press.

Step 5:


Step 6:

Mark the hole for the snap and cut it with 6mil round punch. Mark the outline from flesh side of leather to fit the snap. Cut the socket with adjustable U-gouge to drown the snap inside the holster. Punch 1mil hole in the locking loop. And now install the snap.

Step 7:

Now you have all your parts ready to assembly.

Step 8:

Mark all the stitching lines with overstitch wheel. You should have 16 holes on double edges of the holster.

Step 9:

Then burn single edges with your preferred method. I damp it with water and burnish with a slicker, then dye with kenda orly.

Now you can dye your holster as you like. I like to sew it first and then cover with some coats of neatsfoot oil.

Step 10:

Then dye is dry we are ready to sew. I sew witn 1 mil thick waxed thread. First sew reinforcement piece and belt loop. Don’t forget to glue it with contact cement!

Step 11:

Then upper part of belt loop is sewed wet with water the middle part of it.

Step 12:

Sew lower part of the belt loop and put in it you plastic piece or a leather strap.

Step 13:

Wet the inside of holster with water and glue the single edges together with contact cement. Clamp the holster with your clamps to better fit the single edges.

Step 14:

Now we are ready to mold the holster. Prepare your gun. If you use a real gun make sure that it is unloaded. I use an airsoft gun. I put needless leather stamp on the top of a gun to make a rear sight channel. You can use whatever you want the same size.

Step 15:

Put your gun into the holster and close the locking loop.

Step 16:

Using your molding tools make a desired shape of your holster.

Step 17:

Now I am ready to coat my holster with neatsfoot oil.

Step 18:

And let it dry for a night or longer if it is necessary.

Step 19:

And now it is ready. Thank.

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    3 years ago

    That's an impressive-looking holster. Thank you for sharing your making :-)

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This is awesome! I am just a little confused by step 5. Could you update this for clarity.