Introduction: Make 3D Paper Quilling Creation

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Hi, all I will show u all to make a 3D quilling project. Lets check this out..

Step 1: Tools and Materials

U need tool to make this project is...
1. Kokoru Paper ( made in indonesia ♡ )
2. Some glue
3. Scissor


Some skill ?

Step 2: 3 Big Part

Here Is 3 Big Part :
1. (on pict 1) is the Body
2. (on pict 2) is the head
3. ( there no pict ) Is Accesoris

Step 3: #1 Make the Heads

1. Prepare the material
2. Take the head and hair, glue it!
3. Add the detail for hair
4. Add some accs

U done for the Head ♡

Step 4: #2 Let's Make the Body

1. Prepare the material
2. Add some accs.. take red for flower, green for leaf, and white for detail of men tuxedo
3. Take a piece of black and cream for the hand

Finiiissshhh the body~

Step 5: #3 Finally

1. The finish body
2. The finish head
3. Combine it ( with glue :v)..

And Finish Thanks for reading .I feel free if u contact me for some FAQ and and anything..

Please Vote and Favorite.. For more maybe next time :v

Good bye~

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