Introduction: Make a Bright Led Lamp

Hello fellow makers! Today I will be showing you how to make a LED battery lamp

Step 1: Materials

9 volt battery

Any resistor that goes with your led

A led

A tiny perfboard

Locking momentarily switch

9 volt battery clip


Solder iron

Hot glue gun

Ok let's go!

Step 2: Solder the Battery Clip

First solder the battery clip to the end and corner of the perfboard.

Step 3: Solder the Switch

Now place the switch in the middle. While soldering connect it to the 2 wires coming from the battery leads and solder it in palce

Step 4: The Resistor

Now place the resistor. Since this perfboard is small you have to place it up right. Bend one lead towards the switch's contacts and the other one away from it

Step 5: The LED

Now place the led at the very end of the board. Bend the negative lead towards the contact of the negative battery clip. Then bend the positive over the free resistor leg. Solder all of it together. Clip the excess lead off.

Step 6: Glue the Battery Clip

Now put some hot glue on the back of the board and attach the battery clip to the back.

Step 7: Done!

Now attack the clip to the battery. It should now light up. If not you might of got the led polarity wrong. Now you can use this to light up dark closets.

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