Make a Candle With an Orange

Introduction: Make a Candle With an Orange

This is how to make an organic candle with an orange, and it smells good

Step 1: Tools

1- orange 2- lighter/something that can make a fire 3- oil

Step 2: Cutting the Orange

Have and orange cut the skin but not the orange slices and then twist it and pull the orange top off and put it aside for later

Step 3:

Do the same with the other skin but twist carefully so that when you pull it off the stem is still sticking out

Step 4:

Next pour some oil that can burn in side the orange with the stem and bend the stem to dip it in the oil then put it back the way it was

Step 5:

Step 6:

Then get the other piece of orange and cut a small hole on the top

Step 7:

Next it should all look like this

Step 8:

Now get the lighter and burn the tip of the stem and put the other piece on-top and enjoy your candle made from an orange.

Step 9:

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    7 years ago

    that's very interesting...I'm going to try that.