Make a Microphone Isolation Box for High Quality Audio Recording

Introduction: Make a Microphone Isolation Box for High Quality Audio Recording

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This project is one I desperately needed for myself. You should notice a big improvement in my recording quality from now on!

I moved into a new house about a month ago now which is why you might notice some new scenery in the background of my recent videos. As it is now I don't have much furniture, and as a result there are a lot of harsh echos that I found my microphone easily picks up. I made this box to counteract my problem in the meantime. It works exceptionally well! This video was inspired by another Instructible, which you can see here:

Here are the parts I used for this project:

  • Large Bin (approximately 1.5' x 2' x 2' deep)
  • Twin Size Memory Foam Mattress Pad
  • Two Sided Tape (I also considered low temp hot glue as the adhesive)
  • Microphone Stand

My microphone is a Rode VideoMic Pro, recorded with a Panasonic G6 camera. The microphone mount is a Pedco UltraClamp with a coldshoe attachment.

Thank you for all your comments on my last video! It really makes my day to read through them. I'm still getting settled into the routines of making videos in this new house, but I've got some projects coming up that I'm really excited to get posted. Stay tuned!

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