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Introduction: Make a Paper Birthday Banner

Celebrate your or someone else's birthday with a self-made paper banner! You can personalize the message, shapes and colors. And if there's no upcoming birthday to celebrate, you can also make a banner to send a message to someone special or to decorate your home.

Step 1: What You Need

To make your own paper banner you'll need the following supplies:

- Colored paper

- Scissors

- Thread

- Lasercutter

Step 2: Lasercut the Shapes

Of course, you can do the cutting part with the hand. But using the lasercutter makes it so much easier and quicker! I cut out two heart shapes per paper sheet and cut out every file twice so I could mix the colors and make two birthday banners.

Step 3: Gather the Shapes

Gather all the letters and lay them down in order to decide if you are happy with the color range. I also added a blank heart shape, without a letter, on the beginning and the end of every word.

Step 4: Attach the Shapes to a Thread

Put all the shapes upside down and in reverse order on the table. Leave a couple of inches of thread on the outside of the first shape and make a knot through the first hole. Then go to the second hole of the shape with the same thread, pull the thread through the hole twice and make another knot. Go further with the next shape.

Step 5: Celebrate!

And then you are ready to celebrate! To make the party complete you can cut out smaller heart shapes to use for confetti and decorating.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Well documented Instructable! Nice pictures, nice movies.

    Have a great birthday for you or your beloved.