Introduction: Make Blue Ink Disappear, Recoloring and Disappear - Experiment and Explanation - Without Risk

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Here is an instructable which explains the discoloration, the recoloring and a other discoloration of the ink in water.

The pictures above show you the 4 phases :

  1. The glass is filled with water Ink is poured so the water is blue
  2. The ink disappears
  3. Then recoloring
  4. To disappear again

Pretty cool ! Is not it ?

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Step 1: Ingredient Required

To realize this experiment one will need:

  • Vinegar
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Blue ink cartridge
  • A glass of very hot water

Step 2: First Disappears

Initially, a drop of blue ink is added to a glass of hot water at about 70 °.

The ink mixes with the water but also it is discolored. It is really beautiful.

For the ink to be completely dissolved, it is mixed.

Step 3: Recoloring

When you add some drop of vinegar.

One notices that the blue reappears immediately

Impressive no.

Step 4: Disappears

When you add some drop of vinegar.

One notices that the blue reappears immediately

Impressive no.

And to make it disappear, add a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda. And it disappears again.

Why this reaction :

The blue contained in the ink cartridges is the royal blue it absorbs the yellow color Which is complementary color. This is why it is seen blue

In a basic medium as in very hot water this blue does not absorb more color.
It has changed its structure, it is present in the water but we do not see it. It is therefore colorless.

This experience will not work in cold water.

The vinegar which contains acetic acid makes the water acidic and the color reappears immediately.

So when we add the bicarbonate of soda that is slightly alkaline it neutralizes the effect of acidic substances water.

This is the principle of ink erasers, on the sheet of paper the ink is always present but it is rendered colorless colorless.

You can also carry out this experiment in a bottle with cold water and then leave it in the sun the ink would disappear with the temperature.

I hope you enjoyed this experience

Pretty cool ! Is not it ?

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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