Make Custom Pokémon Cards on GIMP




Introduction: Make Custom Pokémon Cards on GIMP

Here is a tutorial to make custom Pokémon using the GIMP Program! Above is a custom Raichu LV. X I made myself! Have fun creating!


Step 1: Download the GIMP Program.

GIMP is just like PhotoShop, however the program is free to download and use. It works on both Mac and PC, so as long as your computer is fairly new, you should be able to download the program. You can download GIMP here.

Step 2: Get the Resources

You must have the correct resources to make your own Pokémon cards! This image is just an example of what you may use. On the resources page, you can find anything from Energy Symbols, to Holo sheets, to shiny borders! Here is the link to get these resources:

Step 3: Customize the Card

Above is a Mega Charizard EX I made myself. Once you have your resources, you must use them! Move around Energy Symbols, type attacks, make HP! It can take a while, but it is worth it.

Step 4: Export and Size the Card

Once you are finished your card, you to the top menu of GIMP, click File, and then click Export. You will probably want to export the file to a PDF. You can make it a .jpeg or .png image. Once you have exported it, you will want to size it to be the size of a real Pokémon Card. You should insert the PDF into a Word Processor. (Such as Pages on Mac or Word on PC) The size of a real Pokémon Card is 6.3 in width and 8.8 cm in height.

Step 5: Print Out the Card

Once you have the card sized, print it out! I recommend using colour ink and high quality printing, to make sure the card looks nice.

Step 6: Glue the Card

Now that it's printed out, cut out the card and glue it on a real Pokémon Card. You want to use a common doubles card that you don't care about. Such as a Patrat. That's it! Congratulations! You've made your own Pokémon Card! Now you can go show your friends that you made your own Pokémon card!

Step 7: Check Me Out on YouTube!

My channel on YouTube is Pilot Yoshi! I do reviews of Air Hogs R.C Helicopters and Nintendo related toy reviews! Check me out!

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