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Introduction: Make It Real

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First of all ,myself Nitheesh and I have made this model for Autodesk Make It Real student design challenge .This is the view of of the design I would like to propose . It looks kind of weird but I thought it is the best and I hope you would feel the same at the end .


Fusion 360 this is the link to my fusion 360 project . Kindly go through it for better view .

Step 1: Ground Floor

Let us see the entire design from the bottom floor . As we can see in the attached video I tried to give you a complete tour of the ground floor . In this floor we have

1)A swimming pool :

I thought of it as swimming is a very good exercise and it would help us in building a fit body .

2)Rooms :

Here we have one two bathrooms each for men and women for a quick bath after and before swim . We also have two rooms for change of clothes and keeping their stuff . We have a room at the entrance which can be used for all the administrative purposes . We have another room which can be either used by staff or for some mental therapy consultancies .


In the front we have some space . We can use this for meditation and yoga .

And we have a spiral stairs to go up .

Step 2: First Floor

In this floor we have mainly equipments for weight lifting and others . We have some empty space we can use it for other equipments and some indoor games like table tennis too . We have the spiral stairs to go to the next floor . We have some glass windows which allow sunlight which would be good for health .I have also attached a video of a complete toor of this floor .

Step 3: Second Floor

In this floor we have a indoor soccer and a huge tank . I added this tank because instead of just disposing the pool water we can store the water in this tank and can later use this water for flushing in bathrooms and watering the grass etc ; such that the pool water is not wasted . This helps a lot in water conservation .

Step 4: Top

Coming to top we have solar panels to produce electricity which can be used to power our gym . This helps us in using solar energy more wisely . I tried to place the panels wherever possible .

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