Make Leprechaun, Tooth Fairy, or Any Small Character's Footprints




Introduction: Make Leprechaun, Tooth Fairy, or Any Small Character's Footprints

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Would you like to make your children believe in fairy tales? If so, you can learn here how to easily make small footprints to leave as "evidence" that the small creatures-such as leprechauns, the tooth fairy, or any other small character- really do exist. It can be used as a clue in a fun way to lead your child to the pot of gold or the tooth fairy's treasure.

Step 1: Supplies

Items you will need to make the magic happen:

  • Paper
  • Paint (I used kids washable paint with glitter. Besides being easy to wash off, the glitter adds to the magic)
  • Paintbrush
  • Shallow Dish (optional-to pour the paint in for easy dipping)

Be sure to work over newspaper for easy clean-up in case of spills and such.

Step 2: Making the Footprints

First, you'll want to begin my forming a fist with your left hand. Then, using the paintbrush, add paint on the outer part of the pinkie side of your fist. Be sure to cover with paint from the tip of the pinkie all the way to the base of your wrist.

Firmly press down on the paper to create the start of your first foot.

Step 3: Don't Forget the Toes

Next, take your pinkie finger and dip the tip of it in the paint (or you can paint it on with the brush). Add 5 little toes just above the foot. Be sure to progressively make the toes smaller as you work from the big toe down to the littlest piggy.

Step 4: Now the Other Foot

Follow the same steps, painting on your right hand this time, to make the other foot. Try to remember to stagger the feet a little to create the illusion of walking across the paper.

Step 5: Continue Until They Have Walked Off

Continue with steps 2 through 4 until you have made the feet walk off the paper. That's it! You've done it!

For added mischief, you can add footprints to your windows or counter tops to add to the mystery. Be sure though to use water-soluble paint on any surface you will want to clean so as not to stain or leave a permanent footprint.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    And for some reason dads go insane when you use this technique in the frost on the car windows... "Look Dad, a baby was walking around in your car!!"


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! It's fun to see the kids get excited over the possibility of "little people" really existing.