Introduction: Make Magnetic Vases From Silverware

I always seem to circle back to silverware in my projects. Maybe it's because I still have a massive amount of it lying around, or maybe it's because I love the unique patterns and designs. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I do. It gives me the opportunity to create things I wouldn't normally make, such as this. I'm normally not much of a flower person, but I really like the idea of being able to stick these basically anywhere magnetic ("Hey, why is there a flower on the back of my truck?" "Oh, no reason.")

Step 1: What You Need:

- Hacksaw

- Silverware with a hollow handle

- Various files

- 1/4" neodymium magnet

- Two part epoxy (not pictured)

- A bench vise

Step 2: Cutting

- Wrap the piece of silverware in fabric to protect it, and clamp it in your vise.

- Use the hacksaw to cut off roughly the bottom 3" of the handle.

- Check to make sure that the section you cut off really is hollow. If not, you have two options: you can either cut off a little bit more, or head to the next step and start filing!

Step 3: Filing

- If the part of the handle you cut off wasn't completely hollow, use a small file to remove any excess metal.

- File down the cut edge of the handle until it is smooth and level.

- Deburr the handle by pulling the edges along a file.

Step 4: Gluing

- Mix up some two part epoxy.

- Dip the magnet in the epoxy and attach it to the back of the handle. I used a bolt with a smaller diameter than the magnet to move the magnet around.

- Once the epoxy is dry, rinse out the inside of the vase a couple times.

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