Make Money As a Kid,teen,or Adult

Introduction: Make Money As a Kid,teen,or Adult

Step 1: Find Recyclables

Ok so if you ave lots of bottles or cans you can find them to turn in at the place where they give u money for cans

Step 2: Turn In

You're percent or guardian can take u to those places every once in a while to turn in

Step 3: Ch-Ching

You've got UR money and you r ready to go

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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago

    How much money do you get for one bottle or can? I know that at the beer store it's 10 cents a can.


    Reply 5 years ago

    They usually just give you a coupon for the store that you turned them in


    5 years ago on Introduction

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This can work, and work well, in places where people have more money than time, and no proper recycling programs. But in most major cities now, recycling is big, and your only source of LEGAL 'product' is street trash, or stuff you bought yourself(and by virtue of that have already paid the deposit on).

    Technically, buying a deposit can in a non deposit state, and transporting it to a deposit state for the "refund" is an interstate crime. Plus, most of the deposit places require non-smooched cans. Makes it impossible to bring enough volume to even pay for the fuel, unless you can walk across the state border, and the store keeper doesn't mind that you never BUY your canned beverages there.

    Deposit bottles... easier to get away with, but same rules/issues apply.

    Midwest USA prices, Aluminum cans are about $0.50 a pound. smash them flat, and store in a critter proof container, till turn in time. you might be surprised how many cans of beer and soda your family/friends/party guests go through in a month. Most scrapyards will give you an extra penny or two a pound, for quantities over 50 lbs (second bonus locally is at 200 lbs). So it can be worth stashing between runs.

    Best part, for those of us who make stuff, is that they also SELL metal. I can bring in 50 lbs of crushed dirty cans, and walk out with a 10 lbs bar of pure, casting grade aluminium without exchanging a penny. between the fuel, electricity, and dross losses when smelting my own cans... I consider it a fair trade. I lose out some on total material, but get higher grade stuff, and saves me hours of tending my melting pot.