Make Perler Bead Heart Hair Clips Patterns for Little Girls




Introduction: Make Perler Bead Heart Hair Clips Patterns for Little Girls

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Have you ever made hair barrettes from Perler beads? I made these two! Soooo adorable, right? You can make this for your little girls for the coming Christmas as small gifts. Let me know if you love this, LOL~

Step 1: Supplies:

Black perler beads

Red perler beads

Iron snap hair clip finding

Square pegboard

Pressing paperIron

Step 2: Make Two Perler Bead Hearts

1st, prepare 14 black perler beads and 13 red perler beads, form a heart shape on square pegboard as the picture shows;

2nd, press the perler bead heart with iron on the medium heat about 1 minute, turn the heart over and press it about 1 minute (Make sure to use the pressing paper or your iron will be ruined. Warning: Parents—the ironing must be done by an adult only. Some irons may emit steam. Please keep children at a safe distance.) 3rd, do the same to make the other perler bead heart;

Step 3: Finish Perler Bead Patterns for Girls

Stick perler bead heart to iron hair clip with glue, the pair of perler bead hair clips has been finished.

Step 4: Tada!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, if you have a little girl, make these for her, she will love them. ^_^