Introduction: Make Scratch Paper From a Teabag Wrapper & the Dead Tea Scrolls

With all the paper we're surrounded with each and every day, it's kind of silly that we actually go out and buy memo paper and whatever.  Here's how I make my own.

Step 1: Cutting It Down

You'll need a paper teabag wrapper and a pair of scissors.  We'll be cutting off the ends and trimming off the sides.

On the string end, cut the paper off just above the part that reads ""  On the pointy end, cut the paper off at the top of the lowercase letters in "Lipton."

Once you've done that, cut the frilly sides off.

Step 2: Smoothing It Out

Your paper is probably a little wrinkly.  Find something that's smooth and run your paper over it back and forth.  Once you've done that, flip it over and do it again.

Contrary to what the picture implies, you'll need to hold the coffee mug with your other hand.

Step 3: Making the Dead Tea Scrolls

You can roll your tea paper into a scroll if you've saved the string!

Write something on your paper, then roll it from the bottom up, as tightly as you can manage.  Be careful not to wrinkle the paper.

Take the string and wrap it around your scroll.  Leave the first end dangling a bit, and wrap the rest until you have about 1cm of loose string on the second end.

Pinch the loose ends in your fingers, then use your other hand to rotate the scroll so the ends of the strings twist together.  If you do this correctly, the ends will stay twisted together and hold your scroll shut.

That's it!