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Introduction: Make Simple Mouse Traps Toys From Cardboard

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Like many people, we are currently in lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a devastating time for the whole amidst the chaos I thought I would share a little bit of joy, and something you can do with your kids, with very little in the way of materials, which will keep them (and any adults in the house) entertained for a bit.

Introduce. This is our mouse trap.It is extremely powerful

Do you want to have a mouse trap like this?

See my instructions below.Thank you very much. Let's make it :))

You Need :

  1. Cardboard
  2. Ice-Cream Sticks
  3. Rubber band
  4. BBQ bamboo stick

Watch the 4k video below for a better understanding

Step 1: Prepare

  • Prepare a Cardboard sheet (37cm x 10cm)
  • Next, draw as shown
  • When it's done, cut it
  • See overall dimensions of cardboard

Step 2: Draw & Cut

  • Use a pencil to erase easily
  • Draw diagonal lines
  • Next, let's cut it in half.

Step 3: Prepare

  • Prepare 2 pieces of cardboard (10cm x 8cm)
  • Place the previously cut cardboard on it
  • Once done, We have the original shape of the mousetrap

Step 4: Mechanism of Action 1

  • Prepare a cardboard cover and popsicle stick. Arrange it as shown
  • Then attach it to the back of the mouse trap
  • The size you can estimate with your eyes.

Step 5: Ice-Cream Stick

  • Make a hole in the popsicle stick
  • Use half a perforated popsicle stick to connect top and bottom
  • Do it for both sides

Step 6: Prepare

  • Prepare the necessary ice cream sticks (as shown)
  • Combine these ice cream sticks to create the mechanism of action of the mousetrap.
  • Pay attention to this part because the mouse trap may not work
  • After you finish, put it into the mousetrap
  • Note that the cream stick of the upper part must be in the hole for the mechanism to work (Fifth photo)

Step 7: Mouse Trap

  • Continue to prepare the popsicle stick as shown.
  • The length of ice cream sticks has no specific size. Please estimate by eye
  • But don't worry, it will work
  • Note use a small water pipe so the toothpick can skew through it ( Second photo)
  • After you finish, put it into the mouse trap

Step 8: Rubber Band

  • Use a large toothpick and skew it into the cardboard
  • Carefully fasten it with super glue (502) and cut off any excess toothpick
  • Use the elastic and stretch it from the beginning to the end. It makes the mousetrap work

Step 9: Decorate

Lastly, decorate it to your liking

Step 10: Finished Products, See Finished Products

  • I hope you like it.
  • If you like this safe Lock. Vote to help me.Thank you very much :)))
  • Thank you very much. Have a nice day ! :))))

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