Make Smooth, Delicious Coffee (even From Cheap Ingredients)

Introduction: Make Smooth, Delicious Coffee (even From Cheap Ingredients)

This is a story all about how

I learned to make coffee, the best cup around.

I'd like to take a minute, just sit right here,

Tell you all about the smell of bliss in the air.

There, now that I've got you in a singing/happy mood, let's learn how to make the most amazing cup of coffee you've tasted (unless you're from a country that sees making bad coffee as a mortal sin)

This instructable is user friendly and even includes a helpful YouTube tutorial for those more visually inclined.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

For your amazingly delicious and smooth coffee brewing you'll need the following ingredients/tools:

-pot (if you think I'm talking about the plant, maybe coffee isn't the thing you crave right now)

-ground roasted coffee


-OPTIONAL: some garlic to keep you company in times of isolation (not actually used in coffee preparation)

While using a roast you find delicious in the first place is obviously preferable, this method used in this Instructable, makes even bad coffee taste better. So if you're on a budget, consider buying cheap coffee and bringing your preparation to a new level.

Step 2: Preparation Method:

Ok, you've got the ingredients, but now you must be can I possibly make bad coffee better, even deliciously smooth? Is this just clickbait???

I assure you, not only is the method easy to do and very user friendly (apart from a possible hot water burn hazard), your coffee will end up tasting orders of magnitude better than it did previously with one simple trick!


As the name might imply, the trick is to add coffee to your water and bring it to a boil. Be careful to not let it boil over. Right after it starts to boil, TAKE IT OFF OF THE HEAT.

You do this not once, not twice, but 3 times. Bring it to a boil and take it off the heat. I dare not dream what would happen if anyone did this 4 times!

This simple trick gets rid of access "foam" on top of your coffee, makes your coffee taste smooth, and gets rid of the bitterness*.

Note: * Of course it doesn't magically get rid of all of the bitterness of coffee. It's coffee, remember, it's not going to exactly taste like sugar water (unless you add sugar).

Step 3: Enjoy Every Last Sip:

Now that you've got your coffee, enjoy it. You might also try adding milk and/or sugar if you like living on the edge.

Sip it slowly, relax and try to remember that the simple things in life are what make it beautiful.

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