Introduction: Make Stem Great Again. Trump Useless Box With Audio

This project is to make STEM fun, it's not to make a political statement. I've wanted to build a useless box with my teenage daughter for a long time but couldn't think of something original until now. I also didn't see anyone use sound or at least share their projects so I made this instructable. Please feel free to take this idea further and make something even less useful than this.
Here is a link to the supplies I used. You can purchase them all from china for under $20 or use amazon for quicker shipping but will cost more.

BOX Unfinished Wood 8.25" x 5.625" x 2.5" -


Electrical Toggle Switch

Servo Motor SG90 for box lift and MG995 for the arm

dfrobot player mini -

sd card

Old Speaker I found in my house

Old USB batter pack for power




Step 1: Thanks to Those Before Me

Most arduino projects are taken from others and in my case I took this guys idea and added audio and some other changes. I'm also not going to include steps that can be found on his instructable.

Step 2: Adding Audio

I used the dfman with a speaker I found laying around. The wiring can be seen in the picture. The library you need to add to arduino can be found on this github.

In the code you will see the places I added sound. Just look for the word play. You can also set volume in the void opening.
The code references the files by number and the files are named with numbers as well.
I will include the mp3 soundbytes I used in my project in the github but I suggest finding your own and making something original. The files are placed on a SD card in a folder called mp3.

Step 3: Wiring and Putting Together

I hope you can see the wiring from the photos I attached.

I modified my arm servo by taking out the pin so it can reach 190 degrees. its possible you can get the servo to reach the button with 180 degrees but it was an easy fix for me so i just removed the pin and put 190 in the code.

I also just super-glued the servo to the box by cutting off the bracket at the bottom of the servo instead of printing a proper bracket like I did for box servo.

Step 4: Github

Here is a link to the arduino code and mp3 files. Make sure to include the proper libraries as well.

My code also includes OTA code to make it easy to upload over wifi instead of physical connection.

I copied other peoples code and mixed in my own. It's by no means we'll written code. But it works and it's not that difficult to understand and by all means please improve it if you can. You can find the ino file and mp3 folder I placed on my sd card

Library github for player

Step 5: 3d Printed Parts

I'm sure you can get away with using something not 3d printed if you look around but I wanted there to be a fist shutting the switch so I went with 3d printed arm I put together in tinkercad, parts made of other models I found online.

Only other 3d printed part is the servo bracket.

Step 6: Longer Video

Here is a video of it playing through all 15 actions.

If requested I can post a video of the parts and how it was put together.