Introduction: Make the Sugru Rose

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Always on the alert for new materials and usages for those materials, when my Sugru arrived, I immediately thought to use it to make some roses. This instructable shows how to "mold", form and otherwise manipulate the material to make the roses shown.

Step 1: Pick the Colors You Want to Use

The color palette is limited, but there are orange and green packets. After hardening, the sugru can be painted with acrylic paints if desired.

Step 2: Make Petals of Rose First

I tried several ways to "mold" the sugru, including using an acrylic rod to roll it out thin; didn't work, the sugru starts to bond immediately so cannot be lifted off the surface without tearing it. Then I thought water would help, and even put an ice cube in the water thinking that would prevent it from setting up so dice.  So I came to the conclusion that the only way to form the "dough" is to use your thumb and fingers to spread it out, make it thinner on the edges and hope it doesn't stick to your skin!  A degree of success is found this way.

Step 3: Make Leaves

Same as with the pedals, the leaves are just formed with finger and thumb, then I used a pair of scissors to cut to shape and serrate the edges.

Step 4: Leave to Harden

Let sit over night and the Sugru sets/hardens in it's final configuration.

Step 5: Complete: Use Rose(s) in Decorations of Your Choice

Here you see a plate of roses, two of which are Sugru...the others were modeled with clay, the kind you heat in the oven to 265 degrees.  I had been working on these when my package of Sugru arrived, so immediately thought of doing the same thing with the Sugru. 

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