Make Your Home Smart With Sonoff and Contactor

Introduction: Make Your Home Smart With Sonoff and Contactor

Make Your Home Smart With Sonoff and Contactor

Step 1: Part List

I have always been interested with the simple Smart project for my house. In 2016 I started the first project with the Arduino. It's really great. But today I share with you the same way more simply, save more to make your house smarter but save and safe. All that we need.


02. 220V AC Contactor because my sonoff use 220v. I bought old Contactor because they were very new and cheap. The quality of Japan is good.

With high power you can buy:

But i like Contactor because an industrial product that is more durable and precision. Furthermore the distance from your WiFi to the Sonoff location is also problematic.

Step 2: Picture the Device I Use

I use 220v AC Contactor 2-Phase. There are many ways of setup you can see in the next step.

Step 3: Setup

You can see there are 2 ways to setup contactor. On the test it differs from the fact. Choose the right option for you.

Thanks for watching my friends. See you on next project
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