Make Your Little Monster Some Slippers!




Introduction: Make Your Little Monster Some Slippers!

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Need a fun free baby shower gift? Here is the perfect project! Use WASHED recycled clothing and use a free downloadable pattern to make these fun slippers for the little monster! In this Instructable I will show you how to add some monster toes to a basic baby slipper pattern.

Step 1: What You Need...

A baby slipper pattern, I used, its free!

1/4" Elastic

Some Fleece fabric, I used and old fleece my kid grew out of, it was free too!

Some Tee shirt knit fabric, I used an old t-shirt that had a hole in it, it too was free!

A stiff piece of fabric, like a felt, or any thing else that won't fray.

Some pins, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Step 2: Get It Cut Out!

Follow the directions and cut out all your basic pieces. Out of the fleece, 2 toes, 2 bottoms, and 2 shoe backs. Out of the t-shirt fabric 2 toes, and this is optional 2 bottoms. Now take the fabric you choose for the toes and fold it in half and start cutting out your toes. I cut six, but hey its your monster, you decide how many you want! Cut them a little long as you can trim them later.

Step 3: Sewing & Clipping the Toes...

The first step (before you move on to the directions provided by the free pattern) is to take your toes and stitch them overlapping just a little at the tip of the toe of the slipper. Follow the rest of the directions to stitch up the slipper. When you stitch the bottom of the shoe on, the toes will be sandwiched in between all the layers. When you have the slippers all turned out you can clip the toes to the shape you want!

Step 4: DONE!

RAAAGHHHHH! Congrats, you are finished!

Hope you enjoyed this Instuctable, check out my others for more fun things to make!

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    Question 4 months ago

    so i downloaded the pattern and all i got was the instructions. i was hoping for the pattern pieces to copy


    6 years ago

    Too cute. Nice work!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks for saying so! And, thanks for following. Stay tuned for more!