Introduction: Make Your Own Cheap Hair Extensions and Bundles

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If you are the type of woman who loves to wear things made by her own hands, find out how you can make your only impeccable hair extensions that fit nicely with your features and personality. This is possible, however bizarre it may sound to you. Here's what this is about.

You can make your hair extensions using natural or synthetic hairstyles. A sure method you can use to make your hair extensions is to use wig clips instead of glue when you want to attach your scalp accessories.

If you want your first "hand made" hair extensions to look more natural, choose a hue similar to the color intensity of your capillary ornament. You can use extensions to add volume and texture or add extra centimeters to the length of your hair.

Step 1: Acquisition of Materials

The first step you need to make in making your own hair extensions is to purchase the materials. Ask a specialist store and buy hair (generally for wigs) in the desired shade (preferably your hair). Make sure the length of the suits you buy is at least 36 centimeters, so you can shorten them as you like. Buy a set of clips for the wig.

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Step 2: ​Wash the Hair Bought

Wash your hair thoroughly, just as you do with your natural hair. Use shampoo and conditioner, then let it dry.

Step 3: ​Attaching Clips

Attach the clip to the wrists split into thin groups, fastening them with special hair glue. Leave hair extensions to dry for at least 2 hours before using them.

Step 4: ​Apply Extensions

As soon as the glue applied to the thin stitches, you can apply the wonderful hair extensions to yourself. Divide your hair naturally into sections and snap the clips laterally.