Make Your Own Pepper Spray

Introduction: Make Your Own Pepper Spray

Ever wanted to make your own pepper spray?Heres how!

Step 1: Materials Needed

1 Packet Dried chilles

1 Empty snow spray can/or any aerosol can (sprayable snow is the best because its contents are odorless and does not contain water

1 Snapple bottle

1 Glass Jar

! Strainer


10ml Syringe

Acetone Paint remover(Nail Polish Acetone contains water)

Air Pump

Butane Lighter refill



Large plastic cup

Step 2: Blend the Chillies

Blend the chillies into fine flakes with the blender. Blend enough chillies to fill half of the Snapple bottle

A Gas mask and goggles are optional.The chilli powder will make you sneeze a lot

Step 3: Extract the OC

Fill the Snapple bottle with the dried chillies and fill it to the brim with Acetone.Here i am using a pipette.Leave the bottle to sit for a week.After which,a reddish solution can be seen.Filter out the chillies with a strainer and transfer the red liquid to the glass jar.

Step 4: Fill the Aerosol

Using a 10ml syringe inject the Pepper spray into the snow spray bottle by pressing down.Some of the liquid may leak,so it is advisable to wear gloves.Fill the canister with aaround 70ml of pepper spray.At room temperature the acetone with vapourise inside the can and create pressure.To prevent this submerge the aerosol can in an ice bath

Step 5: Set Up the Apparatus As Shown Above

I used the rubber tubing of the air pump to transfer butane gas into the aerosol. Butane is used as a propellant.Place the snow spray(blue can) in an ice bath to lower its temperature(Not shown in diagram). The purpose of this is to prevent acetone from creating pressure and spurting out.Make use of the lighter fuel nozzles given to refill the can.

Step A :Depress the nozzle on the aerosol(pepper spray can).To prevent Acetone from vaporizing submerge can in an ice bath

Step B: Depress the nozzle of the lighter refill and wait until the hissing sound has stopped.Once both cans are at equal pessure, release the nozzle of the AEROSOL first before releasing the nozzle of the lighter refill.Not doing this in the correct order will result in pepper spray spurting through the transfer tube.)

Step 6:

Notes:the amount of OC in the solution is undetermined,but it hurts like hell

Capsaicin will degrade in the presence of water ad air.It is best to use aerosol sprays that do not contain water

Try using smaller aerosols like Avene Thermal Spring Water, silly string canisters if you want to carry this around.

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    What is the black hose and the white valve attachment in step 5?
    Where can I get them?


    Reply 8 months ago

    I got it from a bike pump, u can c get those at hardware stores


    4 years ago

    I'm using straight 16 million Scoville pure capsaicin powder instead of chilis.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Not legal in my country as well as chewing gum