Make Your Own Stylus at Home

Introduction: Make Your Own Stylus at Home

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If you ever wanted a stylus but could not get one this is the tutorial for you!

In this instructable i will show you how to make your own stylus at home.

The things that you are gonna need are:

a marker without nib

a scissor

a 1/4 bowl of water and salt solution

an aluminium foil

a scosh tape

and finally a cotton bud

Step 1: Make Your Own Stylus at Home

First cut the cotton bud in two pieces one bigger than the other.Then insert the cut cotton bud through the marker without nib.Cover the whole marker with aluminium foil and tape it.Then at last dip it in the salt and water solution and now your stylus is ready to go!

If you still did not understand here is a video i found online to help you.

Click Here.

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