Introduction: Make a 1-Leg Footstool

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In a recent YouTube collaboration, myself and Dorian Bracht met a challenge to build footstools to a set specification. We came up with very different designs. Here's how I made my single leg footstool.

Once you have one of these, you'll be tempted to put those feet up and live the lazy life

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Step 1: Preparation

Grab a load of hand tools - I made my footstool without any power tools, but you can easily substitute power tools if you prefer.

Download the plans (these are also on my website, , where you can donate by PayPal, or become a Patron, if you would like to support future projects)

Step 2: The Top

The top is a quarter circle, which I marked out using a try-square, steel rules, string and pencil. Tenons are marked out on the two radiuses

My top was made up of two boards, which were edge jointed and glued

The curve was sawn with my bow-saw, and cleaned up with a spokeshave

Step 3: Arms, Leg, and Feet

The arms, leg, and feet, are prepared to size, before the joints are cut

The joints should be clear from the plan, but additional images, and a video are included in the appendix (final step)

They should be fitted carefully, so that they are a close sliding fit

Step 4: Top to Arms

Cut the long tenons on the edges of the top, and chop the matching mortises in the arms

The top should end up flush with the upper surface of the arms

Step 5: Fare Parts and Glue Up

Dry fit the footstool, and mark the transitions between the different components. Then disassemble and fare the parts so that all the transitions flow together nicely

Apply glue to all joints and assemble as one. Clamp as necessary to close all the joints up, and leave for glue to cure

Step 6: Finishing

I finished the footstool with several coats of tung oil. This is best applied liberally, and then rubbed dry before it gets sticky (ten minutes or so), and repeated after a few days, until the lustre you desire is achieved.

That's it! Now sit back and put your feet up ;-)

Entered into the Lazy Life challenge, so please vote if you like it :)

Hope you enjoyed my instructable. Check the next step for an appendix with helpful information on the main joint used in the footstool.

Step 7: Appendix a - Additional Pictures of the Main Joint

To make a little more sense of the main joint, I made another video, and produced these 3D images. I hope they are helpful. The pin shown in the images is particularly useful if you don't have any glue!

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