Introduction: Make a $30 Digital Picture Frame

This tutorial will show you how to make a 2.5" digital picture frame using a Mattel Juicebox. The total cost of parts was right around $30. I know this type of tutorial has been done many times, but I thought I would post my rendition of it. I haven't really seen it made for cheaper yet :-)

Step 1: Video Summary

Step 2: Parts List

Parts list:
-Juicebox - (Ebay)
-Juicebox MP3 Kit - (Ebay
-Shadow Box (
-Soldering Equipment
-Hot glue gun
-Elmers glue

Step 3: Open the Juicebox

Remove the screws from the back of the Juicebox and open it up. Then remove the screws holding the logic board in place. After that, remove the screws from the LCD. This should allow you to completely remove the front of the juicebox and set it aside. Remove the cover from the speaker and then unplug it. Also unscrew the grounding wires and unplug the LCD battery pack (the plugs are glued in, so you have to pry them out).

Step 4: Re-Assemble

Pry the plastic frame off of the LCD screen and re-attach it to the front of the casing where it was attached originally. Then, reattach the logic board to the front casing (make sure the LCD screen is hanging beneath the logic board). Then add the memory card reader to the assembly.

Step 5: Cut the Shadowbox to Fit

Depending on the size and material of your shadowbox (mine was cardboard), you will need to cut the casing to fit your juicebox. You want to place the front buttons on the front casing to face the back of the shadowbox. Then you want to cut holes for them. You also want to cut holes for the memory card reader and you want to be able to access the power button. As you will see later, you can also cut out a section to access the batteries.

Step 6: Measure the LCD and Center Accordingly

Measure the LCD and cut some type of paper so that the LCD is centered on it. Using elmers glue, you can glue the paper to the front of the shadowbox.

Step 7: Mounting the Battery Pack and LCD

On the top back flat edge of the battery pack, there is a notch that is used to screw a screw into. Use a utility knife to cut off this notch. Now lay the battery back flat into the shadowbox. Now you can use that flat edge of the battery pack to mount the LCD on. Then plug the batter pack into the logic board. MAKE SURE IT IS CENTERED and then hot glue everything into place. Then just place the front of the shadow box back on it and enjoy!