Introduction: Make a Bicycle Lamp Without Battery

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Not long ago I got a new toy, A bicycle dynamo, want to do something with it. Make a bicycle lamp is my first idea, Many people's bicycle have lamp, but it need battery, and the battery also need charging or replacement. so now, let make a bicycle lamp without battery~Here we go!

Step 1: What Do We Need


  • Bicycle dyname * 1
  • Blue bright LED * 1
  • JST 2.0 Interface * 1
  • Cable * 4


  • M3 Screw * 2
  • M3 Nut * 2
  • Cable tie
  • Acrylic

Oh! you also need a bicycle~~~

Step 2: Laser Cut the Acrylic

Download the file and laser cut it.

Here's we use 3mm translucent acrylic.

Here, as the acrylic shade, translucent glow effect can be increased.

Step 3: Make the Bicycle Lamp

1, Welding cable in LED.(Here generators, regardless of positive and negative, so you can actually just wiring.)

2, Welding cable and JST 1.0 interface.

3, Install acrylic parts as bicycle lamp.

Step 4: Bicycle Lamp Assembly

Use cable tie fix the Bicycle lamp in the front.

After the completion of fixed, long tail tie will remain on the outside, if you find this annoying, perhaps trying to cut off the tail, but the tail will be cut off sharp edges, more easily scratched, so I propose to tails tied up.

Step 5: Bicycle Dynamo Assembly

You can put the bicycle dynamo attached to the bike frame near the wheel, do not forget to fixed connection cable. Then adjust the angle so that the angle of the rotor and bicycle tires suitable, you can turn the wheel yourself, to find the right angle and position, and finally fixed firmly with a wrench.

Step 6: Maker It Better

Actually come to think, this lamp is mounted on the rear wheel may be more useful, hahaha ~ Hope we can play a more fun project ~