Introduction: Make a Cardboard IPad Stand for Sun to Moon Sleep Clock

About: Artist and developer of Sun to Moon Sleep Clock

This instructable will run you through the process of building a cardboard iPad/tablet, stand based on the artwork from my app, Sun to Moon Sleep Clock. Templates are available for iPads (Gen 1-4, Air 1-2, Pro 9.7 & Mini) and Amazon Fire tablets (HD6, 7, HD 8 & HD10). They can be downloaded from

The original purpose of this stand was for it to be used with my children's sleep trainer clock app, to deter inquisitive fingers from touching the buttons and to position the clock at a good viewing angle, but it would function just as well for all sorts of other uses.

I would recommend watching the video run-through before getting stuck in.

If you like the look of my app please give it a try!

You will need...

  • All templates printed at actual size onto A4 inkjet paper
  • Corrugated cardboard large enough to fit the combined templates (rigid cardboard with a thickness of 2mm or less is best)
  • PVA glue and a paint brush to apply
  • 5 heavy books for keeping it flat whilst drying and some scrap paper
  • Sharp scissors
  • A sharp craft knife
  • A metal ruler
  • A glue gun (tape will work but a glue gun creates a neater result)
  • Sellotape
  • Velcro pads

Step 1: Trim Your Templates

Trim all the templates along any edge that will join with another template but leave the outer edges and aperture uncut.

Step 2: Layout Your Templates

Layout all the templates on the cardboard in the correct arrangement (as shown on page 1 of the template PDF) and draw roughly around the outer edge with a pen.

If your cardboard is too small to accommodate the complete template, try to pick a fold between the 2 'hidden' markers for the join, as you can apply tape here without it being seen in the final stand.

Step 3: Glue the Templates

Remove each template in turn and brush a thin layer of PVA glue over the exposed cardboard. It is best to apply the glue to the cardboard rather than the template, as the paper may become soggy.

Run a glue stick (pritt-stik style) along the bottom edge of each paper template where it will meet with an adjoining template as this ensures an almost invisible join.

Place the template back onto the glued carboard and flatten it down with a soft cloth. Make sure that any adjoining templates are placed accurately and that the patterns and registration marks match up a closely as possible.

Step 4: Cover and Leave to Dry

Cover the glued templates with scrap paper then arrange your heavy books on top and leave for at least 24 hours (it may take longer in cold climates). If the glue is not completely dry it will be hard to cut the cardboard accurately.

Step 5: Cut Out Your Stand

Use a sharp craft knife to cut out the aperture of your stand/case and then cut around all the outer edges to leave the stand ready to fold.

Step 6: Fold Your Stand

Use a sharp implement such as a wall paper scraper to create creases along all the fold lines.

Fold your stand into its final shape using valley folds along the chevrons and mountain folds along the stars. It is a good idea to place your device inside the stand whilst doing the final folds as this makes it easier to fold and ensures a good fit.

Step 7: Glue the Edges

Run a line of hot glue along all the edges in turn (except for the access point) and hold in place until it has set. This step is best demonstrated in the video.

The access point can be secured using velcro pads attached to the L-shaped template glued inside the stand and the underside of the opening flap.

You may also want to cut a hole in the access point to allow for a charging cable to be used.

Step 8: Open Sun to Moon Sleep Clock and Enjoy!

Start up Sun to Moon Sleep Clock and slide your device into the stand.

Sun to Moon Sleep Clock is available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.