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Introduction: Make a Cuddly Toy Store

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Are you overrun by cuddly toys? Well this simple cage will keep a few dozen under control!

Built with softwood battens, stair spindles, and a piece of ply or MDF, it really is a breeze to make - so much so that my young nephew was able to help a lot when I made this one for him.

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Step 1: Initial Steps

Decide how wide you want the front and sides (remembering that the spindles shouldn't be spaced more that 100mm (4") apart, to avoid little heads getting stuck), and cut battens to produce two 'U' shaped pieces to hold the spindles. Also cut a slightly wider batten to make a top 'U' to cover up the spindle holes (this time with mitre corners if you feel up to it), and a rectangle of ply or MDF the same size to make a solid base.

Step 2: Spindle Sockets

Lay out the positions of the spindles, and chop pockets for them.

A mortising machine is great for this, but a drill and jig saw will do the job just fine.

Drill a few holes, and counter sink them, to attach these socket battens to the base and top rail.

Step 3: Assembly

Glue and screws will hold everything together, but a few biscuits will help keep things aligned and make for an easier assembly and clamp up.

  • Glue all the 'U' sections individually together first,
  • Then attach the lower 'U' to the base (gluing, and screwing from underneath),
  • Glue the upper 'U' to the top rail, and screw from underneath,
  • Then glue the spindles in the base assembly, before gluing the top assembly onto the top of the spindles.

For extra strength, you can glue and screw a batten to the back of the rear spindles.

Step 4: Finish

A couple of coats of paint, and it's finished!

Thanks to Ryan for his help, and I'm pleased to report the cuddly toys are very comfy in their new home.

Thanks for reading my instructable /mitch

If you enjoy my instructable, please vote for it in the organization contest

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    4 years ago

    What a fun project to work on together! Great job :D