Introduction: Make a Gift From Cigarette Butts

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This is my first post and I'm from Indonesia.

Cigarette Butts. Many people don't care about this waste. Probably because of its small size and we are too focus on plastic waste. But behind these measurements, it turns out cigarette butts produce a lot of waste and is very dangerous.There are around 4.5 billion cigarette butts trash in the world each year. Cigarette Butts can found anywhere. It can be found in rubbish bin, rivers, soccer fields, bathrooms, roads, beaches, etc. One cigarette butts can pollute 1 liter of water. And if cigarette butts are thrown on dry land, it can cause a fire.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Hot Glue Gun

2. Cutter / Small Cutting

3. Spray paint (Use red and white)

4. Cigarette Butts (You can find anywhere)

I took a used cigarette butts obtained from the use of personal, friends, and also from the street

5. Cardboard

6. Double-sided Tape

7. Wooden Board

Before started, we must clean this wooden board

Step 2: Spray Cigarette Butts

Place the double sided tape into cardboard. Then stick one by one cigarette butts above double sided tape. After that, do the spraying. And after spraying, dry the cigarette butts.

Step 3: Result After Spraying

This is the result of spraying that has been done

Step 4: Let's Make It

Add the Cigarette Butts Into Wooden Board

Heat the glue gun, then apply it on the wooden board little by little. After that, immediately put the cigarette butts on the spread of the glue gun. and arranged so as to form the desired text

Step 5: Final Look Result

Here is final look of my project. I use pen for name below the art, because space is not enough for the words I want to write.I hope this encourages you to reuse, reduce and recycle. We must prevent pollution and waste pollution. And make this earth clean.

Please share your questions, helpful hints and photos in the comments below.

And sorry for the bad English because I can only be a little and use google translate.

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