Introduction: Make a Hair Appliance Storage Shelf

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Wouldn't you like to have your hair appliances look like this for under $10! Check out the tutorial below and I will show you how we made our bathroom more organized.

We used 1/2" birch plywood, a few inches of 1/2" dowel, 5 food cans, epoxy, construction adhesive and a few other items in this build.

Step 1: Watch and Learn

Check out our youtube build video to get a great understanding of how this shelf if built, download the free set of plans to follow along.

Step 2: Cut Out All Parts to Dimensions in the Plans

For most of the parts I was able to cut two pieces of 1/2" plywood to a bit wider then I needed, cut all to length on the miter saw and then cut to final width, including the bevel on the table saw.

Step 3: Assemble Main Box

Fasten box using wood glue and brad nails making sure as you go along that everything stays nice a square.

Step 4: Cut Holes for Cups

Depending on the cups you use the spacing of the holes will be different. I marked out the holes by hand, drilled and starting hole, and cut the circles out with a jig saw. If I was to do this again I would most definitely use a hole saw drill bit but I didn't have one at the time. Using the jig saw works but a hole saw will make cleaning up the holes and mounting the cups much easier.

While you have the jig saw out you will want to cut a small recess to allow the cords to go inside the shelf while the door is closed.

Step 5: Sand, Spackle, and Paint

Sand your assembled shelf, fill nails holes with Spackle and paint a color you desire!

Step 6: Mount Door and Cups

I mounted the door using a piano hinge I had laying around but you can use any hinge you want, it does not need to span the entire opening.

The big cost savings in this project was to use food cans as the appliance holders. You can find these types of cups made from stainless steel but they will run you at least $10 apiece, using cans was essential free!

I mounted the cups to the box using two part epoxy. You will probably need to have a few spacers behind the cups depending on what size cups you use.

Step 7: Make and Mount the Cord Wraps

To make the cord wraps cut two pieces of dowel for each appliance you intended on storing. Cut the dowel to 1" and cut some mounting boards at 1" as well. Mount the dowel to the board using glue and a countersunk screw. One side of the cord wrap will have a stationary top and you will want the other side of the wrap to be able to rotate so that you don't need to up-wrap your cord each time you need to use the device.

I mounted the wraps to the door of the box using construction adhesive.

Step 8: ?Decorate?

The wife sneaked into the shop and decorated while I was at work!

Mount the power strip in the cabinet running the cord through the hole in the side. (I actually ended up needing to mount the strip on the bottom of the cabinet and run the cords through another small recess but you will only need to put the wires though this one time.) Neat trick, put the power strip on a copier and copy the bottom and you will have a perfect pattern for your mounting screws.

Step 9: Latch and Handle

Mount any latch your heart desires to hold the door closed...just make sure it holds the door shut! And a nice handle on the front to add a finishing touch.

Step 10: Fill It Up!

Put in the appliances you want and wrap up the cords.

This storage box can easily be expanded to hold other stuff as well, IE: hair spray cans and other cylindrical thingys.

Thanks for checking this tutorial out folks. If you build one be sure to share some images and I will post them up to my social medias!