5 Mins Make a Light Sword

Introduction: 5 Mins Make a Light Sword

Halloween is fun. Bring a glowing sword to Trick-or-Treat is cool.
Making this flashlight sword by yourself is more cool and fun.
It’s simple and cheaper. You can make it in 5 minutes, 3 dollars.

Step 1: Materials and Tool

¾” PVC cross x 1 (cost $1.22)
¾” PVC coupling x 1 (cost $0.21)
1” PVC coupling x 1 (cost $0.41)
¾” PVC class200pe grade pipe 14” length x 1 + 2” length x 2 (there are two grade ¾” PVC pipes in hardware store, choose the thin one which $1.18 for 10ft)
LED flashlight x 1 (if you don’t have you need to buy one, the cost $1.99/2pc) Remove flashlight strap

Also you can choose 1" clear vinyl pipe instead of 3/4"PVC pipe. You will see a more bright and totally different style light sword in the dark. You can find the clear vinyl pipe in any hardware store too. Remember they call it 1" but the outer diameter is 3/4". The vinyl pipe is softer than PVC pipe. The better is make the light sword little bit shorter since longerpipe will curve and you need screw vinyl pipe on the PVC cross.

A Saw(or one PVC pipe cutter)for cut PVC pipe or a knife for cut vinyl pipe.

Step 2: Cutting Pipes and Assembling

Cut out one 14” PVC pipe and two 2” PVC pipes. Following the pictures to assemble.
I choose dry assemble only. If you want to permanently, you can glue or screw, recommend use #6 x 3/8 screws.

1. This flashlight is cylinder style. Its outer diameter is similar and little bit smaller than a ¾” PVC pipe. So it just fit the ¾” cross and coupling.
2. The 1” PVC coupling inner diameter just fit ¾” PVC fitting outer diameter. So it is used to connect the ¾” cross and coupling.
3. The flashlight switch button is on its bottom. It is still very easy to turn on and off after the flashlight being assembled into the PVC fittings.

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    7 years ago

    kinda crazy you made this before they ever announced kylo ren