Introduction: Make a Personal Side Table

About: Hi I am Dutch and live in Sweden. I love to create things in my little woodshop.

I had an old table top for ages in my garage, time to re new it into a side table and give it to my daughter.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

Old table top


Band saw, jig saw or hand saw

Squared paper

Scotch tape


Pelar drill

lathe (optinal)

sand paper

bee wax



Wood glue

Center points

8 dowels

Step 2: Saw the Table Top

Saw a square in the size you prefer your new table top with your band saw, handsaw or jig saw.

Step 3: Draw You Pattern

Take your compasses and draw a circle in the size you want your table top on squared paper. Mine table top is 30 cm in diameter. Start to draw the pattern. I decided to do a rose but you can choose whatever you want. Why not a smiley or a Mario Mushroom .

The sizes of the squared paper are about 0.8 cm or 0.3 inches.

Tape the pattern on one of the table top with scotch tape and mark holes with an awl. This make it easier to drill. Remove the pattern, but don't throw it away you will need it later.

Step 4: Test

Make a test before drilling the holes on your table top.

Step 5: Drill a Lot of Wholes

Drill a hole on the backside of your table top to mount your top in the lath lather on. This is optional. You can always sand the edge by hand.

Drill the holes on the front of your table top. (I used a 2 mm drill Drill the holes, this is depending on the thickness of your yarn you will use). I have access to a pilar drill but you can easily do it with a screwdrivers.

Step 6: Turn the Edge of Your Table Top

I turned the edge of the table top obliquely. This is optional. You can always sand the edge by hand.

Step 7: The Emboidery

Aplay beewax on your table top before embroidery, this will protect the table.

Start the embroidery. Here you can see how to do cross stich.

Step 8: The Legs

Saw the remaining parts of the old table top in two pieces and glue them together.

Saw table legs after drying. Cut in four legs and plane the legs to 40 x 40 mm (1.6 inch)

Cut also two supports to mount the legs together.

Step 9: Cut the Right Angle

Cut the legs at both sides under a 10-12 degree angle.

Step 10: Mount the Legs

Drill holes in the legs. Mount the support cross together. And mount the legs with dowels and wood glue to the support cross. (Is there anyone who can help me with the right word?)

Applay Beewax on the legs and support

Mount center points on the legs and mark where you need to drill on the table top. Drill holes on the table top and mount with dowels.

I didn’t glue it so I can renew the embroidery.

Step 11: Enjoy!

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