Introduction: Make a Wooden Crown From a Log

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Crowns are not just for royalty! Get in touch with your inner King or Queen and make yourself a Wooden Crown!

I transformed a cedar log into a crown as you can see in the Before/After photo! Watch my video to see how I made it, then follow these instructions to make your own.

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Step 1: Download My Template and Cut Out the Parts.

Click here to download my free PDF crown template. If you have a scroll saw, you can stick the template as is onto a square board with spray adhesive, then drill starter holes and cut out all of the parts. Since I sliced up a log, I cut the template apart and strategically cut out all of the parts separately. My boards were 1.5" thick like a 2x4, but any wood 3/4" or thicker would work fine. The crown would just have a different look.

Step 2: Glue the Ring Together.

If you cut the ring out of a wide board, then you can skip this step. Since my boards were not very wide, I had to cut the ring in sections, then glue it together.

Step 3: Cut the Angles for the Top of the Crown.

My template has six pieces that connect at the top. You will need to cut 60 degree points at the top of each upright piece so they fit together in a circle. See page 2 of my PDF for a template you can use. This is a good time to sand all of the parts before you assemble them.

Step 4: Glue the Crown Together.

Use wood glue to glue all of the parts together. Page two of my template contains a line pattern that will help you make sure the uprights are glued 60 degrees apart on center.

Step 5: Add Some Royal Flair!

I cut small diamond pieces and glued them around the crown. This hides the seams plus it gives the crown a royalty look. You could really go to town and add gems and other embellishments to the crown. Have fun with this step!

Step 6: Top Off the Crown.

Glue something on top of the crown to cover up where all the parts are glued together. I glued on a small disc to cover the seams, then turned a finial on the lathe to make it extra fancy.

Step 7: Apply Your Choice of Finish.

Do any final sanding and apply your choice of finish. I like clear spray lacquer because it makes the wood grain pop and it dries really fast. Don't forget to try on the crown. Crowns are not one size fits all, so if it doesn't fit, enlarge or reduce my template and have fun making another one!

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