Introduction: Make a Wooden Toy

Created by - Cole

Step 1: ​Step 1 - Gather Supplies

The Tools needed are:


Drill Press

Drill Bits

1” Belt sander

Router table

¼” Round Over Bit

Safety Goggles

The Materials needed are:

Wooden wheels and Axles

Wood Glue

Paint (Optional)

2” x 6” stock (or scrap)

1/8" ply/ MDF/Cardstock/Cardboard

Step 2: ​Step 2: Choose an Animal:

Choose an animal that is easily recognized from the side view

Ex. Fish, Duck, Rhino, Elephant, etc.

Step 3: ​Step 3: Find a Picture

Find a picture of the desired animal for your toy. In this case a triceratops. Make sure the picture is of the profile (side view) of the animal.

Step 4: Step 4: Print Your Image

Copy the image onto a Google slide or Microsoft Word document. You can resize it to the desired size of your toy. (I suggest not too big not too small)

Step 5: ​Step 5: Cartoonize the Photo

Take the printed photo and exaggerate certain features so that the toy will be more recognizable.

Step 6: ​Step 6: Create the Template

Cut out the printed picture of your animal onto the sheet of 1/8" ply. Use a razor blade and scissors to cut out the shape of the animal from the Ply. This step will make it easier to maintain the shape of the animal as you convert it to the wood

Step 7: ​Step 7: Drilling the Axil Holes

Use your axle to find an appropriate drill bit size.

Then find the appropriate drill bit.

Use a punch or something similar to make a dent in your blank. This will help it so that the drill doesn't walk.

Place a scrap piece of wood under your toy and above the drill press table. This will keep your toy from tipping and binding to the drill bit. If it does it will spin out of control and possibly fly at you face.

Drill your axle holes through your toy blank.

Step 8: ​Step 8: Router the Edges

Place the round over bit into the router table and make sure the edge of the bit is level with the edge of the table

Test the router bit on a scrap piece of wood first. Adjust the height of the bit as necessary.

Router the entire outside of your animal. If there are places that are too small to get the router bit into you will need to sand these by hand.

Step 9: ​Step 9: Sanding

Use the 1” belt sander on any part you can

Hand sand the rest of the parts you couldn’t get with the belt sander.

Step 10: ​Step 10: Paint

Before you start painting make sure you have a plan. Lightly sketch your design onto your animal before you start painting with a pencil. After painting you can erase any leftover pencil marks once the paint dries.

Step 11: ​Step 11: Gluing Wheels and Axles

Check to make sure the axils fit into the drilled holes properly. Put a drop of glue into the hole ( if you put the glue on the axil the glue will get on the wheel and not spin) Put the axil and the wheel into the hole. Make sure it's not too tight so the wheel will spin Repeat for the rest of the wheels.

Step 12: ENJOY!

Wait for the glue to dry then enjoy your handmade push and pull toy!