Make a Fake Error Signal

Introduction: Make a Fake Error Signal

Hi. I will teach you how to make a fake error signal (like a normal signal) You can prank your friends in april fools day.

Step 1: Step 1

First open notepad (I used notepad ++ it is better than ordinary notepad you can download from this link)

Than write that

msgbox "your message",0+16,"title"

I wrote just like that

msgbox "I think you are an idiot",0+16,"error"

Code meannings
msgbox: İt pop-ups a message
0+16:İt will set the error sign and sound.
other signs
0+0= no sign

Don't forget (,)'s

Save as error.vbs
Your error is ready. You can use it by clicking on it.
You can show like a file.
First, form that document's shortcut and hide the real file.(properties,hide) and change icon(properties,change icon) to file icon or other. You can put internet explorer icon.

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