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Introduction: Make a Key Hanger

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What you’ll need

Plywood or any piece of wood

Image/s for decoration or paint

Command hooks,

Stapler (optional)

Wood glue,

Fishing line or string or wire,

Paint brush

Step 1: Paint or Collage

Take a piece of wood (mine is a plywood scrap from another project) and apply wood glue or any kind of glue suitable for wood, and wrap with a blank A4 sheet of paper (this size was good for me you may need more or less ok?) wrap it like a present and then leave it dry. I did this because I wanted my decorative picture to look clearer. I was afraid that if I didn’t it would appear transparent because it was a laser print and that’s not the best printing quality. Images cut from a magazine or from thicker paper won’t have the same issue. I also used some black trim for the edges. If you are not lazy like me you can paint it instead of collage it.

Step 2: Make It Hangable

Staple twice at the back so it creates "hooks". Do that before anything else because later you’ll attach the command hooks and it will no longer have a flat surface. If you don’t own a staple gun there is a brilliant idea that I saw somewhere to use a soda can tab. You simply remove the tab and screw the smaller hole on your surface. Make the attachments lower (nor top neither middle somewhere in between) than I because at the end mine was “bending” and I had to do it again.

Step 3: Decorate

Apply glue again and then picture/s of choice. A few days ago I was reading this blog ( when i found a picture I really liked. I asked the photographer if it's ok for me to use the picture, he said yes and now i have a beautiful piece of sky in my windowless hallway. Thank you Ed!

When dry, attach the command hooks, as many as you like. Mine had a sticker and also a screw because.. poor quality. Then it’s ready for hanging. i used fish line because I hanged it from an already existing nail that was far higher, and I wanted to appear like it was floating.

Happy hanging :-)

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Please submit a picture when you do, I would love to see it!


    8 years ago

    Wow this is awesome! :D