Introduction: Make a Mini Submarine Tree Ornament


1 used CO2 tank from BB gun

solid wire



small bolt and nut

drill bits

wire cutters

small needle nose pliers

about 30 minutes

Step 1: The Fairwater

Take the CO2 tank and place it in a vice, drill a hole just big enough to secure the small bolt strait through about 3/4' from the curved part, then on one side drill the hole out big enough to get the head of the bolt through, secure the bolt with the head inside the tank.

Step 2: The Propeller

Using some wire bend it into 3 loops like a flower, relatively small it should not have a diameter bigger than that of the tank, now with bend the left over end to stick out perpendicular to the 3 loops as if it were the stem of a flower, place it in some helping hands and using solder fill the holes in the loops. now set it aside for later.

Step 3: The Control Fins

With the CO2 tank still in the vice drill a 1/16 inch hole near the end of the spout vertically with the bolt and another horizontally perpendicular to the other, this is were the fins will go through. using some more wire, bend it into a small rectangle then insert the remaining wire through one hole and bend the other side into another rectangle as close to the hole as possible, do this for both holes. now solder the openings in the rectangles until they are closed.

Step 4: Glue It

Glue the fins so that they run in line with the cylinder and place the "stem" of the propeller into the hole at the end and glue it in place, you can use hot glue to seal the hole at the bottom from the bolt. once dry place on a stand and spray paint it black.

Now you have a mini submarine!