Introduction: Make a Portable Ipod Speaker

It is a portable lightweight, and simple and easy to make. It uses almost everyday objects.
This speaker is going to be a portable speaker with lights that goes up to the volume of about an Itouch speaker.

For this speaker you will need:

1. battery holder
2. spare wire
3. needle nose pliers
4. box (such as small jewlery box)
5.  two LED's (radio shack or from spare unused toys.)
6. card that "talks" when you open it.
7. tape / solder if you want.
8. old earphones
9. thin plastic clear sheet

Step 1: First Step

Take apart the "singing /  talking" card. You will find a speaker with a circuit board. Use your needle nose pliers to cut the speaker wires at the base near the circuit board. Finally remove the speaker. Now get your small box and cut a hole in it the size of the speaker, and where you want it to be. take your plastic sheet and cut it into a rectangular shape, bigger than the speaker hole. Tape the small plastic sheet over the hole and then tape the speaker on top of it , on top of the hole.

Step 2: Second Step

This is tricky , take your earphones and cut off the tiny speakers. Then strip the black wires. you should find two fragile wires inside. These are your positive and negative wires. Strip them so the wire inside is showing. Your speaker should have 4 solder points on it. Tape or solder those two wires to the two outer solder points. If your speaker only has two, solder the wires to those two. If you have your two wires attached already from when you opened the card, then just tape or solder the two headphone wires to the speaker wires.

Step 3: Third Step

Now, time for the lighting! I decided to use aligator clips for this but you dont have to. I was too lazy to bring out the old soldering gun. As you see in the  picture, I hooked the LED's up in parallel.  All now to be done is to connect the charge to each of the alligator clips and they will both light up. I forgot to mention earlier, use two AA batteries in the battery holder.

Step 4: Final Step

Finally, assemble it all. And you have it finished! Put two holes in the two corners, or where ever you want the lights to go. then just hook up the battery when you want the lights to go on!