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Introduction: Make a Zombie Head

So what do you need to make this beautiful blooded zombie head ?

Polystyrene head

Toilet paper

woodburning tool

and hemp ( use in plumbing )

Wood Glue and wallpaper glue

And an insane mind xD

Step 1: First Step : Carving the Head

So here we are will "destroy" and burn the head.

Use the wood burning tool to carve the head BUT be careful this is a toxic step. Use a mask OR do it outside OR do it with a vacuum cleaner ( prop the end of the pipe on your workshop to sniff the toxic gas )

Do it with precaution, the polystyrene will melt very easily and very fast.

You can draw the brain - a broken noise - and whatever you want just think BLOOD AND GORE !!

Now you have the base of the wounds but the skin is still smooth so go to step 2 to correct this

Step 2: Make False Skin

So the skin is too smooth.

The skin of a walker must be foul - disgusting - the head have to look tainted so we will use paper toiler and wood glue to cover the totality of the head.

you have to be patient, the glue will torn the paper but if you apply it patiently it will be fine.

let it dry during 24h00 and you can pass to the step 3


here you can customise the head as you want.

i've made a collar with SINTRA PVC and fix it with some screw. i added some artery using flexible pipe glued with hot glue.

for the hairs simply use hemp ( use in plumbing )

you can also add an eye using polystyrene ball.


I let you make the paint job but here are some tips and tricks.

The first layer must be black ( work as a primer )

You can or you must mix the paint color ( don't wait the drying )

You can prepare wallpaper paint and add acrylique red color in it PIC 1 now you have a red "slop" apply it on the head and the hairs and let it dry. the render will blow your mind xD PIC 2

When the paint job is done apply a varnish ONLY on the bloody part. that step will finish the bloody aspect ;)

If you want to attach the head with the chain, you can attach the hair at the neck to keep them in place ;)

Step 5: ENJOY;)

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