Introduction: Make an Simple Motion Sensor Theft Alarm! (PIR)

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This is an Continuation of my How to Simple Series of Motion Sensor Things. All Previous Instructables in Simple Series were Featured. And Another Step in Theft Protection with this Ultra Simple Project Measuring only 4cm Length. with a Totally Ear Eating Buzzer. :D . Any Beginner can make this . Only Technical Knowledge of Transistor and anode Cathode is Needed. And No Micro-controller or Programming is Required!

This Board has Detachable PIR , This Means if your PIR Malfunctions by time, Then you will just need to buy new PIR for $1 and Attach it . + PIR Comes with 2 Modes > Delay Mode & Continuous Mode .

Delay Mode: In Delay Mode, PIR will sense the motion then will take a break and if motion is still there. Then the PIR will Again Loop.

Continuous Mode: In continuous Mode, PIR will Make Buzzer on until and unless there is Continous Motion Detected ( aka. It will not take a break in Between)

More Information will be Given in Coming Steps.

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

The List is Here:

1x PIR HC-SR501

1x PCB

1x 5v Buzzer

1x BC547

1x 3Pin. Female Berg Strip

Step 2: PCB File

I have Attached the Eagle CAD - PCB File.

Step 3: Circuit

This is a very Simple Circuit.

Circuit uses an transistor to sense OUTPUT from PIR and Activates Buzzer.

Step 4: Etch the Board

We will Start by Etching the Board.

I used Ferrous Chloride + Water.

and Then Used Nail polish Remover to Remove Toner Transfer Ink.

Step 5: Drilling

Drill the holes Like in Photo.

and Leave those 3 Holes at Bottom.

Step 6: Solder > Jumper

As i Wanted to use this Directly , I was restricted by the board's width so, I Made a Jumper Placement.

Make A Small Jumper like the photo above , with a solid core wire / use a resistor's Leg. ;)

Step 7: Solder > Buzzer

Now solder the Buzzer just above the Jumper.

Make Sure About the Polarity.

Step 8: Solder > BC547

Now Solder BC547...

Step 9: Solder > 3 Pin Female Berg

Solder the 3 Pin Female Header as Shown in Picture. and you are Done!

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Now, You just have to Attach PIR and wait for 15 seconds to Let PIR Initialize.

And you can Adjust Timing , Sensitivity & Delay or continuous mode by Seeing above Picture.

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