Make Content for DODOcase Using a 3D Phone/camera

Introduction: Make Content for DODOcase Using a 3D Phone/camera

I have a 3D phone with a 3D display. As you can see from the picture above it has two lens for a left and right image. In the past, if I shot a 3D video, most of my friends had to watch it on my phone. Now all of my friends with a DODOcase can view my videos in 3D as well.

Step 1: Shoot a 3D Video

If you have a 3D phone or camera, you can shoot a 3D video. Above I show my phone with the 3D mode selected. You must also make sure your phone/camera produces video in the correct format. It takes a certain format to work with the DODOcase. The format must be left/right side by side 3D (SBS 3D). That is the image for the left eye must be on the left side and the right eye on the right side. Most 3D videos on YouTube, for example, are reversed with the left on the right side and visa versa. That allows for cross-eyed viewing. You can view videos on YouTube in 3D without any special equipment. Just cross your eyes and allow your brain to lock onto the stereoscopic information. There will be three images, the middle one will be in 3D.

My phone does the correct format (luckily) because that is all it does. It has numerous choices for playback and can playback many different formats. I can imagine that some phones/cameras have more choices for recording, so if yours does, look for left/right SBS 3D. There are tools for swapping the images if your phone/camera does reversed SBS 3D, but that is another Instructable.

Step 2: Send Your 3D Video to a Friend With a DODOcase

Now when you send a 3D video to a friend who has a DODcase, they can view it in 3D. They just put the phone in the DODOcase and play the video as usual. The left eye will see the left image and the right the right image. This is not the only way to create 3D videos for the DODOcase. I will be writing an Instructable on creating a 3D animation in OpenSCAD. That Instructable will be way more complicated than this one.

The video link on Instructables would not play. I have uploaded the video to YouTube and I am putting a link here. I am leaving the Instructable link because I believe it will download to play with your DODcase.

I have not had this happen before, but for some reason YouTube has converted the video to Anaglyph 3D (red and cyan coloring). I am trying to fix it.

OK, I have the answer to viewing the YouTube video. If you click on the gear icon in the lower right corner you will be able to make some choices on how to view the video. If you want to see if in the format that will show on a standard phone, click on the "Options" choose "Side by side" in the menu below and "Half width" in the menu above. If you want to view it on a DODOcase click "Full width". YouTube expands the video to give it proper perspective. The view is shrunk in half when the video is played in the original format on a standard video player. Make sure the "Swap (right-left)" at the top is unclicked.

Click here to view an Instructable on viewing YouTube 3D videos with a DODOcase.

DODOcase demo 3D video on YouTube

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    Awesome information for anyone interested in virtual reality! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!