Introduction: Make You Own Nativity Scene - Easy Way


Hello all,This is my first instructables Post.

Today will show you how to make your own nativity setup and Christmas decorations at ease.

To begin with will start from the necessary components for making the nativity scene. Over the past 3 years, I made several different scenes, this time let's go with mountains scheme with ponds & grass huts for the Christ.

The necessary components for making this are,

  • Bandages/plaster's
  • Plaster of Paris
  • water
  • Old newspapers
  • Fevicol (Glue)
  • Water Colors (Yellow, Red, Black & Green)
  • Paint brushes
  • Sponges
  • Grass powder& lot of your creativity

Step 1: Necessary Components

- Water Colors / Acrylic [Brown Color is necessary]

- Cellotape

- Water

- Plaster of Paris 1 kg

- Bandages

- Old newspapers

- Boxes, plastic containers

- Fevicol

- Sponges

Step 2: Plan Your Design

Plan you design based on the space and the size available. The textured stuff which we going to make is mountain theme. Plan accordingly. Here, I planned layout like this.

Do plan for the Jesus, Kings & Shepard. Place them based on your wishes.

Step 3: Newspaper & Space Fillers

In this step, we just crush the newspaper and just placed based on your designs. At places, where you want more hardness, use any old boxes that are lying at your home. Now just place all the newspaper in the form of shapes which you want & if it moves, just stick them with the tape.

Step 4: Plaster & Plaster of Paris

Here comes there messy part, place the plaster's over your mockups based on your design & use plaster of Paris to cover it.

MIXING Plaster of Paris:-

Add water into plaster of Paris and mix it completely

-For 200g of pop add 200ml of water

For this scenario we don't need thick paste, make a watery stuff and start covering the plaster which we already kept. Make this mixture dry for 15 minutes.

[This will mess your place, even if your mom puts emergency shut down do continue... ;-) ]

Step 5: Color It Up

In this step we give the base colors for the nativity scene which we made. Use the water color mix with the plaster of paris and start painting. Do a random base coloring by covering all white colors.

Step 6: Grass & Tree Toppings

To make a grass texture pattern, what we have to do is, mix fevicol or glue with water and sprinkle the "Rangoli Powder" over them. You can make you own pattern.

For making trees, get sponges & mix with green color. Place where ever you want and sprinkle rangoli powder.

P.S: Add some colors for water like things and do other decorations.

Step 7: Final ! Merry Christmas !

Add kings, Shepherds & Christmas decorations, stars and trees.

"Believe in the magic of season!" - Merry Christmas !!

P.S: Electronic updates will be updated within a week :)

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