Make Your Own Flower Bouquets



Introduction: Make Your Own Flower Bouquets

Buying wedding flowers are expensive, and with a lot of other costs for a wedding, brides have been choosing to buy flowers in bulk and make their own flower arrangements.

Flower bouquets are part of the staple of wedding floral arrangements and are actually quite quick to make. Here is a great way to make some simple bouquets for a wedding.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the things you will need to create your bouquets.

Floral Tape


A bucket of water


(Hot Glue Gun)

Step 2: Choose Your Flowers

Start by choosing the flowers you want to have in the bouquet. The bouquets that were made mostly consisted of hydrangeas, which filled out the bouquet quickly. Also at this time choose your filler flowers that you want to add to create more diversity in the bouquet.

NOTE: You may need to prep the flowers for your bouquet. This may include taking off thorns or leaves to create a cleaner look for the bouquets.

Step 3: Arrange the Flowers

When all the flowers have been chosen, it was time to arrange the flowers.

This part could take a little time to get to what you want. Take your time to try a few different arrangements before deciding on what you like best.

When you get an arrangement you like. Wrap the stems together using floral tape. Be sure to get as close as you can to the flowers with the wrapping so the flowers stay in a tight bunch.

Step 4: Cut the Flowers

Once the flowers have been taped its time to cut.

Start by measuring how much room you need for your hands. Hold the bouquet comfortably in both hands, then mark about 4" below where the bottom of your hand. This is a good place to cut the flowers.

Place the stems in a bucket of water before cutting the stems. Cutting the stems underwater will help with water absorption and help the flowers last longer.

Step 5: Add Ribbon

After the flowers are cut, its time to add some decoration to the stems. We decided to wrap ribbon around the stem to add an extra touch.

Wrap the ribbon carefully around the stems. Have the ribbon pulled tight as it is being wrapped to avoid any wrinkles or weird bumps in the ribbon.

When done either tuck the ribbon in the back of the boutonniere. Another option is to hot glue the ribbon on the back side of the boutonniere. This makes it look a little less clean all around, but no one is going to look closely at the back of the boutonniere so we weren't really worried about it.

Step 6: Store

When done store the bouquets in water until the day of the wedding. We used some small buckets to hold more than one bouquet. This will keep the flowers as fresh as possible until the big day arrives. (I suggest don't make the bouquets too far ahead of time).

Finally when the big day arrives your bouquets will be ready to go and look great!


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