Introduction: Makey Makey Interactive Painting

The definition of interactive has been lost. Makey Makey allows you to interact with a painting to where you simple touch a part of a painting and the painting will respond back by making a noise.

Step 1: Materials

Blank Canvas

Makey Makey

Alligator Clips

Jumper Wires

Conductive Paint

LED Light

Other Paint (optional to add color)

Makey Makey Compatible Digital Piano


Step 2: Paint

Draw a design on a blank canvas using conductive paint (black) and non conductive paint (colored).

(I did a sun shine abstract design)

The conductive paint has to reach the edge of the canvas so you can connect the makey makey alligator clips to the conductive paint.

the conductive paint is the main source of sound. When someone touches it, it will make a noise.

Step 3: Connect

After the paint dries connect the alligator clips to the painting making sure they are clipped on the conductive paint lines you have painted.

Connect the Makey makey to your computer

(I used this website to allow me to assign a certain button press to a different piano key)

Connect yourself to ground (earth).

Step 4: LED Light Up

Connect two alligator clips to each end of the any colored LED light and stick the LED through the painting anywhere you would like.

I chose a yellow LED and stuck it in the middle of my painting.

Connect to other end of the alligator clips to the jumper wires and stick into the makey makey into the D16 slot

This makes it so every time you touch the conductive paint lines, the LED light will also light up at the same time.

Step 5: Have Fun!

While you hold the earth alligator clip with one hand, touch each line of the conductive paint and listen to the piano sound while watching the LED light up.